21 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom Will Surprise You

Are you looking for some cheap decorating ideas for bedroom to update your blah bedroom? Here are a few tried and tested methods to make your boudoir the sanctuary of your dreams.

Top 21 Cheap Decorating Ideas For Bedroom

Number 1

Take a deep breath and set aside a couple days then go for the gold. Yes, do it! Paint or stencil your ceilings: stencils make it quick, easy and cheap.

Number 2

Picture your kids’ faces when they look up and see a blimp flying over them. With kids, there are no limits. Walls: Whether you simply add a rich color or add a fascinating texture, make it attention-grabbing.

Number 3

A faux silk headboard with soft backlights brings an unusual intimacy and calm to any bedroom. This is elegant and simple to replicate. The design philosophy central to all of this image is intrinsically linked to the culture that produced them. They are, of course, Chinese.

cheap decorating ideas
Grey bedroom with crate furniture, double bed and plants

Number 4

As you can see, this is all about color, and the impact is stupendous! This will put a smile on any girls face. The Bed: The bed is always a focal point, so don’t skip over these pics.

Number 5

Can you imagine the type of person that lives here? Strong, silent and organized.

Number 6

No one would ever guess this is your old linens dip-dyed. Don’t hesitate to add a few hand-painted embellishments with fabric paint. How to do it? Grab all the linens and pick out a few favorite colors of dye. Dip dye route and add a burst of color to the bottom, or dunk the whole thing in.

This is an alternative way to cover up any unwanted stains. You could also go with an ombre pattern over all the fabric and make a matching set of sheets and pillowcases!

Alternative 1: Try your hand at block printing a pattern onto your linens. If you have the patience, this could be a really cool way to give your duvet a complete makeover. You can also just do sections of the fabric for a more minimal look. This could be a fun way to give your tablecloth and tea towels a change, too.

Alternative 2: I used this technique to change up the seat cushions on my chair. You could get the kids involved with this and have them paint their own designs. If you don’t trust your painting skills, opt for using a stencil, but an abstract pattern like this is very forgiving.

Number 7

This is a simple cute and affordable way to dress up a kid’s room. It’s like sleeping under the stars. Sketch . Cut with a jigsaw. Painted the clouds. Lights from Ikea. An under 30 min no cost quick solution for a whimsical valance.

diy bedroom decorating ideas on a budget
Ikea is one of the best place will help you complete cheap decorating ideas for bedroom


Number 8

This looks so chic, like a very wealthy family sleeps here. It’s only painted, so go for it.

Number 9

If you have a lovely neutral bedroom that needs a little something, drape in the sunshine. These yellow accents bring new life to a room.

Number 10

Add a little drama to the room and make your little princess know how special she is.

Number 11

Soft fabrics draped from plastic pipes attached to the ceiling or a frame adds a touch of romance and imagination. Purchase several yards of a gauze or net fabric from your local fabric store, and make your own romantic canopy. Screw eye hooks into the ceiling at each corner of the bed, and draw the fabric through so that it drapes near the ground, overhead, then down again. Repeat on both sides of the bed. The same romance as a four poster, for just a few dollars! Or just add some romantic dust ruffles and shams!

Number 12

The padded boards behind the bed add interest as well as a cozy feeling of times gone by. Floors Count:

Number 13

Throw out that dirty carpet and paint a simple or intricate design to elevate the mood and add a touch of class to your space.

Number 14

Are you afraid to try your hand at painting? This floor is created with paper bags and polyurethane.

Number 15

You can paint a large piece of canvas to match your new décor – first paint it white then the second step is to use colors. Use masking tape to create designs.

cheap decorating ideas for bedroom
What are the best bedroom makeover ideas?

Number 16

Nothing makes a teen feel cuddlier than pompoms- make a few pillows as room accents.

Number 17

One of the cheap decorating ideas for bedroom is remember not to forget the details. You look at that ugly door every day so why not make it attractive too?

Number 18

You can spend hundreds of dollars on wall art, or just as you did with the canvas rug, paint your own! More story and tutorial how to turn this thing into this new bling available after you click pasted link under this post.

Number 19

Add a diamond to the mix. Make yourself a beautiful chandelier with a wire basket and dollar-priced beads. It is stunning!

Number 20

Sleek and sheik for a new beginning or just an updated décor.

Number 21

The last DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget we want to share is changing that overhead fan from ugly to lovely. You’ll have around 5 to 6 challenges ahead.

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