Top 20 Small Space Ideas To Try Right Now

Downsizing is a trendy way to get rid of some unnecessary things. But when you have a small space, it’s difficult to find places for even the most basic wardrobe. If you want to maximize the space you have, this list of small space ideas will help you make excellent use of your small space.

20 Small Space Ideas To Maximize Small Places

Number 1: Load-bearing Shelves

Here’s a crafty way to get around repairing a damaged or ugly wall. Make it into a shelf wall by using load-bearing objects like this designer has done. You’ll be using the maximum amount of space but you’ll also have some trendy shelves.

small space ideas
Top small space ideas to maximize small spaces

Number 2: Whiteout

No, we don’t mean that sticky stuff in the tube. We mean redo your room in all white. It’s a high fashion look that gives your room a new and clean feel. Don’t be afraid to use a few basic colors like brown and black or silver and gold to go along with the white (just so you don’t think you’re in a snowstorm). You can also use a little bit of bright color to make it pop but stick to one or two objects.

Number 3: Bookshelf Door Frame

Another small space ideas when decorating houses is bookshelf door fame. You can frame your doorway with some bookshelves for a fun way to save space. Instead of having large, bulky bookshelves to deal with, change it up by using smaller shelves. This not only makes a chic door frame, but it also saves a ton of space when it comes to shelving your books and other objects.

Number 4: Sabrina Soto On Small Space Living Solutions

Here are some helpful tips on small space living. Sabrina Soto takes you through how to make the most of your small space and love it.

Number 5: Discover Unexpected Storage

Discovering and using new and unexpected storage is an amazing small space ideas. Who would have thought of this? That’s why we’ve done the research for you on how to save space. Think about some creative ways to save space that may be a little more unconventional than your traditional wall shelves. This cabinet is cool because it uses the vertical wall to store away things that may not need to be out in the open.

small space living design
Keep it simple is one of the major tips to maximize small spaces.

Number 6: Keep it simple

One of the best ways to maximize the use of your small space is to keep things simple. Some people use the acronym K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) but we don’t want to make any assumptions! Think clean lines and simple colors. You don’t need every appliance sitting out on the counter using space when you can simplify and condense.

Number 7

On the flipside, you can embrace the quaint. We don’t mean you have to move to Hobbiton (although it is awfully quaint). Just remember you can live in a unique or exciting space, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be cluttered. Stick to the basics of what you need or use the most often.

Number 8

How to produce a high-yield garden in a small space in 12 months? Want to start your own veggie garden using a small space? You can take this 12-month challenge to see what your patch will yield. The trick is to use simple and easy plants that will yield a gain per leaf. Growing things like lettuce and other leafy herbs are ideal.

Number 9

Producing a high-yield small space garden, Month 2. For your second month of growing, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what you’ll be producing for the season. Harvest what you can after a month of growth (and lots of tender gardening care, bedtime stories, etc). Here, they’ve yielded about $20 worth of leafy greens in the first month.

Number 10: Repurpose your closet

Who says you have to store your wardrobe in the closet? No matter how Star Wars-ish your wardrobe is, you can create a simple hanging solution to save space in your closet. Now that your wardrobe is hanging in the room (and is easier to sift through, might we add) you can store larger items away in the closet.

Number 11: Use open storage to draw the eye upward

This is a quick and simple fix. Store your not-used-so-often materials up on top of the cabinets, or on one of your open shelves. This draws the eye upward for a more vertical sense of space, and it’s just a great place to store those books you’ve been “meaning” to read.

Number 12

Create the illusion of vertical space by selecting low-sitting furniture. Seriously. By getting some on-the-floor seating or using tables that aren’t as tall, you create more space above. It’s not just easy on the eyes, though. It really gives more space up top if you need it.

Number 13: Remove the clutter

Okay, so you don’t need a cute little dog to make a room great (although it helps). You should be able to get rid of a few things that you haven’t used in a while, or at least find a new place for it. Once you begin removing the clutter, you’ll find that your rooms now have a simpler and more streamlined look.

Number 14: Less is more

small space design ideas
“less is more” is the thing you should remember when finding the small space ideas

It’s not just a classy phrase that artists throw around to sound, well, classy. It’s true. Overdecorating is one of the most common mistakes when decorating. If you found the perfect bird theme for your room, you don’t need to buy every bird-themed item at Hobby Lobby. Too much in a small room will only enhance the fact that the room is small. Keeping wall decor and furniture to a minimum is a smart idea.

Number 15

Utilize retractable pantry drawers for small appliances. This is one of the most helpful ideas out there. If you’re like everyone else, you can’t just toss out the microwave because it will look less cluttered. For bulky appliances, look into buying (or making if you’re crafty) some retractable shelves to house these units so you can simply slide, use, and slide back.

Number 16: Dark or light wall colors

Using solid light colors can make a room feel more open and larger. But don’t worry—you’re not destined to an all-white house. You can still get creative in your use of décor and color. Solid dark colors can have the same effect if executed properly. Even though very light or very dark isn’t your first choice, you’ll like the way it makes your room feel.

Number 17: Show some legs

Yep, we said it. No no, not those legs! Your furniture legs. You can help the visual aspect of any room feel larger and more open just by using furniture with exposed legs. It’s one of those sight-to-brain tricks that make us sense something different. When vision is interrupted by a frumpy couch with a skirt hiding its legs in a small room, we feel cut off. Expose those legs and contribute to the openness of the room.

Number 18: Double Duty

Maximize storage space by finding furniture that serves more than one purpose. TV stands with cabinets or drawers that both store DVDs and hide ugly electronics and cords is a great way to save a little space. Also, ottomans or coffee tables with storage function with more than one purpose. That way you can do away with the other stuff. Learn how space-saving, multi-functional types of furniture can help you get the most out of your space by reading this quick post.

Number 19: Decorate With light

Who says you need expensive paintings to clutter your walls? Instead, use some natural light. It creates an open and positive vibe in your room and keeps things nice and simple. Plus, it varies depending on the time of day to keep things interesting.

Number 20: Curtains for privacy

Need more privacy? Instead of erecting a wall or losing space, put up some simple curtains to help make the most of your small space. They’re removable and light, which will give you the advantage to using your space wisely.

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We hope that these 20 small space ideas will help you when you decorate houses. Then, feel free to leave a comment below! And as always, press share button before you read another random post on your right side.

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