About Us

Living Basin – A Base for A Better Living in Beauty and Comfort

When I decided to start Living Basin Blog in 999, my main mission was to bring more happiness to our homes and lives. Little has changed ever after. I strongly believe in the power of happiness brought to us through a beautiful and personal home, inspiring travels and a healthy lifestyle with plants and the surrounding nature. With Living Basin Blog I aim to raise the awareness for the space we live in – a home is not a simple space it is our personal haven, a visual identity of ourselves, and a shelter to nourish our happiness.

With a strong passion for interior design, home décor, travels and plants, I want to share my happiness with my readers here in my digital home, the Living Basin Blog. This blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, it showcases the beauty of our world and the inspiration brought back home through travels, and it highlights to beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

Living Basin Blog is an international blog about interior design, styling, decoration, travels and plants that has gained high appraisal and was awarded ‘Best International Blog’ in 2010. I have worked with several brands and have contributed to an interior book. And the mission remains the same: Living Basin Blog is the place to share happiness through interiors, travels and plants. Welcome aboard!

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