Pro Car Buying Tips for First Time Buyers in Kenya

The very thought of having their vehicle to drive to the college or office is itself thrilling. Many of us wonder about the reactions, and praises friends and family would give to us, not to forget the chance to find love. However, you should know there is a whole lot of ground to cover when it comes to buying a car, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

With the excitement of having personal transport also includes many questions and doubts. The Kenyan motor market is dominated by used or second-hand vehicles, which amount to a whopping 80% of all cars sold. Hence, a person needs to know the best car buying tips in Kenya.

Expert Car Buying Tips

If you are planning to buying a car in Kenya, then there is no shortage of dealers, including Toyota Kenya, DT Dobie, and Simba Corp., among others. Nevertheless, there are some crucial tips to help you on this journey of purchasing the first car without any hassle. Let’s now look at the tips, which would be your guide on this journey.

Consider the Budget and Finance Options

The first car buying tips for those purchasing their first personal transport in Kenya includes keeping in mind the budget and finance options. You need to consider insurance cost, duty, and registration charges before making the purchase.

However, do not forget other factors, including monthly payments. The majority of car vendors provide attractive monthly payment plans, which might make the car a bit expensive.

Consider the Vehicle Specifications and Name

Now, you need to decide the brand of the vehicle, its type, automatic or manual transmission, fuel type, and model. In short, keep a note of the specifications and brand name to make the investment worthwhile.

A New Car Or Used Car

Choosing between a new or used car makes all the difference in the overall pricing. Generally, a new car would cost more than a second-hand one, but it has its benefits. Moreover, with a used vehicle, you would need to consider buying an imported vehicle or a local one.

Nevertheless, in the case of an imported vehicle, you can also decide to buy one that is already available or have another model delivered to Kenya. However, we recommend you be careful as it is common for a swindler to take undue advantage when you are importing it.

Ask for Test Drive

Once decided on which car to buy, next, you need to ask the dealer for an extended test drive with the salesperson. A test drive would give ample time to assess the overall features of the new vehicle.

Car experts recommend driving the vehicle in both off-road and on-road areas, which will provide a good idea of the reliability of the car in the long run. You can also assess the vehicle by using the brakes, changing lanes, and taking to a corner during the test drive.


These are the four crucial guidelines to follow by those looking to buy their first car in Kenya without any hassle. You should follow these cars buying tips to find the best offer and invest in a vehicle. The vehicle will not only give a powerful performance but overall value for their money.

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