How To Choose The Best RV Battery Monitor

If you own a vehicle, an RV battery monitor is not a strange thing. Just like a fuel gauge cross mix and speedometer, this device is the key when it comes to rig’s maintenance. With this device, car owners can tell the level of energy charged just by measuring the amount of current running in and out of the battery. This RV battery monitor measures the energy used and stored in the battery bank, therefore can serve the purpose of calculating the energy. 

In short, this is the essential car feature to have. So how to choose the best RV battery monitor? In the article, our car expert will give you the right answer. 

Types of Battery Monitors

With some RV battery monitors, car owners can read the voltage, amperage and ampere-hours. To be more specific, they tell the potential charge of the battery, the strength of the current as well as the amount of current a battery can provide in one single hour. Others can even report the percentage of used energy in the battery. So in order to understand the battery monitors, we need to know each type of them. There are two main types of battery monitors for RV house batteries: Ammeter and Voltmeter. 


The first and most well-known type of RV battery monitor is the ammeter. This monitor is famous for the full-fledged account of the basic functions of voltage. The ammeter can provide all the battery information that drivers need, from voltage, amperage to remaining amp-hours. Along with that, this device tracks the amperage that leaves the battery. Not to mention, the ammeter even displays how much usage time is left, the power consumption as well as the state of charge the battery is in. Additionally, it is easy to use. 

In order to do that, car owners need to install this monitor inline and off the negative terminal of the battery. Failure to do so will result in no power passing through the ammeter, and car owners cannot get a correct reading.

In short, the ammeter is both convenient and easy to use. With this smart monitor, car owners can actually keep track of the readings on iPhone or Android phones.


On the other hand, the voltmeter is a much simpler device. It can only measure the voltage of the battery.The manufacturers usually install it on RVs since it can tell just the information they need. Another thing to know is that it provides a nudging to charge your batteries on the generator.

How to Choose the Best RV Battery Monitor

In order to pick the best RV battery monitor, you need to consider these features: 


Mounting is the first and most crucial factor to check. Since monitors mount on a wall inside the RV, car owners must plan very carefully to wire the device. Unlike you choose the SmartShunt which is attached right to the battery, every other monitor must be planned to be mounted carefully. 


Price is the next factor to consider when selecting the best RV battery monitor. Depending on each type, we need the price from $15 to nearly $200 on most battery monitors. If your budget is low, you can pick the least expensive monitor, a voltmeter. 


Display is also one of the most important things to consider when buying a battery monitor. The right display needs to be understandable, readable and convenient. Our recommendation is to buy a monitor displaying all reading on one screen. 

Battery Shunt

Battery Shunt is another thing to remember. It is the core of the monitor. And if you cannot find the shunt as the part of the package, you might have bought a voltmeter. 


A good monitor must be easy to use. So check the instructions on the monitor display carefully to see if you can follow everything. Normally, they will have all the numbers and readings on one display. Nevertheless, some RV battery monitors need various screens for each reading. 


Many monitors have included accessories for us to install along with the mount. However, with some cheap type, they might not come with wires. So always make sure that you are aware of what is inside the box, as well as prepare to come to the hardware store with the purpose of buying the right wires’ size before installation. 


Car owners need to take the notifications feature seriously when purchasing a battery monitor as well. The right battery monitor needs to be able to notify owners when the battery charge is low.

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