14 Brilliant RV Remodels You Need To See

An RV travel trailer is a wonderful way to travel in comfort. It is your vacation home to decorate as quirky or as classic as you like! These are some brilliant ideas on how to remodel your home away from home.

1. DIY Masterpiece

rv remodel diy masterpiece

One of the easiest ways to remodel up your RV is a few DIY projects. This RV owner made her own curtains, pillows, and wreath. She also added a few unique touches with an elegant chandelier and turquoise walls. The sky is the limit with a little craftiness.

2. Luxury Camper

luxury camper

With smaller spaces you can afford higher quality renovations. Why not travel in style and comfort by doing a luxury renovation? They replaced the sofa and installed a new one the width of a single bed and eight feet long, creating comfortable seating that can also be used for sleeping. A succulent garden is just inside the window behind the sofa, covering a bulky electronic box.

3. Modern Airstream

modern airstream

This RV was modernized with fun wallpaper, mix and match pillows, and unique refurbished furniture. They also added a bead board and trim to finish off the look. It is sophisticated but it still has a fun personality.

Via: designsponge

4. Playful Quirky Airstream

playful quirky airstream


This quirky airstream was designed for a fun and unique hideaway. Many times your RV is your second home, you have the ability to be more creative and playful than you could in a larger home. Have fun with your design, some of the dots are even 3 dimensional and on hinges to store smaller items.

Via: Granddaddy

5. Rustic Chic Trailer

rustic chic trailer

This trailer has everything to create a fun girly atmosphere. The up-cycled chandelier, faux animal head, kitschy pillows, and diner style table make this camper unique and fun for you and your travel buddies!

Via: sistersonthefly

6. Map Covered Trailer

map covered trailer

This is a cute idea for any traveler. Maps cost next to nothing and it just takes some craftiness to create your own wallpaper. The bright red bench, floral curtains, and matching pillows bring it all together for a fun and cheerful area.

Via: getcampie

7. Contemporary Airstream

contemporary airstream

They stripped the paint in this airstream to reveal the beautiful riveting and aluminum, honoring the original craftsmanship that went into making this trailer. Cork flooring, track lighting, and custom-designed cabinets and furniture make this space look cohesive and functional.

Via: baselandscape

8. Hollywood Regency Camper

hollywood regency camper

This 1960 Aristocrat LoLiner became a glam space fit for a movie star after a massive renovation by photographer Michelle Sullivan. Silver gray pairs with white in the diamond-pattern vinyl flooring, the shimmering wallpaper, and the geometric slipcovers, while pops of orange and pink take center stage in the fun curtains and throw pillows.

Via: Michellesullivanphotography

9. Chic Girly Trailer


This 55 year old trailer was given a complete overhaul. It is now perfect for a fun girly getaway, and all it really needed was a few strategic changes. They updated the interior and exterior paint, the hardware, and the lighting. Then, they added the fun girly accessories such as the faux rug, paper lanterns, and framed artwork to complete the look.

Via: thefancyfarmgirl

10. Crafty Camper

crafty camper

This camper was turned into a mobile crafting workshop. It was pieced together with scrapes they found. It has oil cloth flags that serve as valances, the sink base was crafted from old pallets, the counter top was donated, and the basin is a $7 aluminum bucket from Home Depot. The suitcases underneath the sink create visual interest as well as serve as storage. Check out the rest of the blog for her entire makeover here!

Via: countryliving

11. Nautical Airstream


nautical escape

Taking a trip to the ocean this year? This camper is perfect to get you in the beach mood. The Nautical wallpaper and a few well placed accessories such as the life raft and lobster pillows, and matching dishtowel make this the perfect home for your coast to coast travels.

Via: designsponge

12. Mid Century Mod

mid century mod

This mid century mod camper was brought into this century with its cool gray tones mixed with pops of yellow and clean lines. It was upgraded with new laminate floors, freshly painted cabinets, and reupholstered seating. Check out the before and after pictures here.

Via: thenoshery

13. Charming Spartanette

charming spartanette

This charming trailer has many great vintage finds. As you travel around you can pick up a few display pieces to make your RV one of a kind. An old typewriter table with drop-down sides serves as the kids’ homeschooling desk, as well as the family dinner table when pulled away from the wall. Vintage school lockers house quilts and linens, and the sofa opens flat into a bed for the kids. Mom and Dad nest in a doily-filled master bedroom.

Via: wildflowerphotos

14. Homey Haven

homey haven

The owner of this trailer wanted to keep the classic 1967 look of this vintage trailer. They restored the veneer, added a turquoise polka-dotted slipcover on the cushions to match the retro stove, a cooktop, and fan, and topped it off with a DIY pennant banner and throw pillows which gave the vintage trailer a homey feel.

Via: theresnoplacelikehomeade

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